“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I'd like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph.”

My Story

I knew for certain I wanted to be a photographer on a trip to Paris with my mom in 2005. I had a small little point and shoot digital camera that I used to take photos of literally everything around the city. I got artistic with the sunset over the Seine, and caught a couple having a romantic moment on the bridge. It was literally then that I said to myself, "Oh, I actually kind of like this," and began the process of taking photos for the next 16 years. Funny enough in 2019 my mom found a piece of school work from when I was 6 years old that listed under "What do I want to be when I grow up" the scribbled letters "PHOTOGRAPHER." I had no idea the dream had started that early but the proof was always there.

I started collecting fashion magazines in middle school because the photos of the celebrities I loved were what I was drawn to the most. In high school I started pasting them to my walls, and by college I was dissecting the lighting techniques used by the masters of my era. I wanted to prove not only that I knew what I was doing while I was in school but that I could do it better.

Now I am photographing portraits full time, going between fashion shoots and wedding days, while also enjoying the free time I have with my black cat, Oliver, and watching every movie on the planet, as well as making sure I am front row for my favorite bands. I still collect those fashion magazines and I have upgraded to framing the photos that inspire me the most.

Favorite Thing #1

A black cat named Oliver!

Favorite Thing #2

Traveling all around the world and experience everything on my bucket list!

Favorite Thing #3

Eisley! My favorite band in the entire world!

Love for Taylor Anne

Love for Taylor Anne

“Taylor not only is a gem but she cares about how you feel on location. Her heart for people is genuine and you can tell she wants you to feel your best while also being genuinely creative to get the shot!”